Using Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency to Sell & Buy Real Estate

How Do I Accept Bitcoins For My Las Vegas Property?

We have been active in the Bitcoin space for over three and a half years!

The likely case in Las Vegas would be someone buying a home from out of the area. We can show a seller very quickly how to accept Bitcoin for a home sale, but receive the funds in their preferred currency.

You don't have to 'understand' Cryptocurrency to accept it as payment for your property!

You go through the same process using a Title company. This ensures everything is done legally and due diligence has been done to make sure there are no liens etc. against the property and that the title is registered properly for the buyer.

So really the main question is: how do I receive / send my funds? 

We show you how to set up an account with a Bitcoin exchange. All of the top companies are long running & trusted in the Bitcoin industry. This way the buyer can pay with Bitcoin and the seller can receive the end funds in your choice of currency.

Set yourself apart by giving buyers worldwide another choice how to discover and buy your Las Vegas property!