Buying New Construction? There's Just One Huge Problem!

Are You Or Someone You Know Considering Buying New Construction? Did you know that the site agent cannot represent you? Did you know you're not going to save money by not having agent representation? Hi, I'm Lynaae Forbes with Forbes Realty Group, and we're here to help you prevent losing your earnest money! Did you know that part of my responsibilty as representing you as an agent is to also make sure that all contingencies are met? I had a client recently who went in to a new Builder, signed a contract, and the contincency for their Finance expired, and guess what, she lost the entire $3000!! Let us help prevent that by being your representative. I'm Lynaae with Forbes Realty Group, Give Us Call Today and Find Out How You Could Be Eligible For A Free Inspection As Well!  702-743-7797