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For John and Ruth Ahlbrand, owners of ReMax Central real estate, their two Boston terriers are more than just dogs. Rocky, 8, and Maggie Bea, 14, are their children, friends and coworkers. The Ahlbrands always have brought their dogs to work and claim the canines have done everything from settling disputes in the office to actually sell a home. But we're not sure if the commission was paid in dog treats or cash. "They just adapt to everything," says John Ahlbrand. "We began working at a ReMax location in 1990 and opened our own in 1998, and the dogs have been ReMax agents ever since." John Ahlbrand says Tuffy's mother Cincy, was the key to selling a house. He says there was a woman who wanted to purchase a house and wanted Cincy, who recently died, to explore the backyard since she had a dog she would be moving with her. "Cincy went out in the yard and sniffed around for a while, took care of business and sort of gave her approval, and the woman agreed to buy the house," John Ahlbrand says. Rocky and Maggie Bea have the run of the ReMax Central office, 8400 West Sahara Avenue, and even have their own "break" area behind the office. "It takes the edge off of dealing with a client," John Ahlbrand says. "A lot of people like the dogs so much they come back to the office to see them. They (Rocky and Maggie Bea) will go around and visit the other agents and say hello to people. Eventually they've just become part of the office." The Ahlbrands live in Red Rock Country Club and always have been fans of the Boston terrier breed. "We just love animals. Around our home, we have a lot of decorations of giraffes and monkeys and all different animals," Ruth Ahlbrand says. "And when we travel, the dogs go with us, and we only stay at places that allow dogs. If we can't them, we don't go." And what about settling office disputes? "We've worked together for 18 years, so things can get kind of heated in the office," John Ahlbrand says. "And the dogs will get in between us to get us to stop arguing."